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MAVIC 3 LUTs - Premium Landscape Collection

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23 creative colour looks (LUT) for your drone landscape videos

Optimised for DJI Mavic 3 D-LOG and NORMAL colour profiles.
Normal versions can be used on any drone. 

  • 23 .cube files for NORMAL Rec.709 footage
  • 23 .cube files for D-LOG footage
  • DJI official conversion LUT
  • Samples of each LUT applied on stills
  • Documentation with tips for optimum grading
  • Installation guide for popular video editing applications
Click on the "Preview" button above, to download the sample images, documentation and installation guide. 

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D-LOG of Mavic 3 is flatter than DLOG-M of previous generations (Mavic 2 Pro, Air 2 S). LUTs that are designed for D-LOG will not perform good, placed on DLOG-M footage. It is recommended to apply a conversion LUT on DLOG-M footage and then apply a NORMAL based LUT from this collection, for good results.
You will get a ZIP (56MB) file

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